Production Diaries


Principal photography began on July 18, 2008 and ended March 13, 2009. It was a journey full of victories and perils, A journey I loved taking and one I will never forget!
Below you will be able to ride along with us from day one, and see what it took…Enjoy!

– Jack Venturo 09

Diary #10 – Post Production (The Final Diary)
(9 Min 56 Sec)

The Final Video Production Diary covers all of the facets of Post Production from Sound recording and Music.

Ben Lazarus shows you how the David haverty records his voice over, Anthony “Abstrakt Soundz” Bowman shows you how he composes the music and Jack Venturo takes you back to the very spot where the movie began production and gives you a tour of The MPE Studios with a special thank you and good bye. The film is completed and yours to enjoy.

Diary #9 – The Temp Agency (Beverly Hills, CA)
03/13/2009, 9:00 AM – (8 Min 40 Sec)

Ninth day of production and the movie is coming to an end. We are on location at an office building in Beverly Hills,CA with the biggest, longest and busiest shooting day since day 4.

It consisted of up to 17 different scene set-ups, and costume changes for the 8 different actors which included David Haverty, Megan Feely, Ben Goretsky, Rory York, Janine Johnson, Amy Lyndon,
Camellia Rahbary & Danny James.

The crew consisted of Me, Megan Powers (Production Coordinator), Dick Kanishero (Production Assistant) Hali Bonvenuto (Production Assistant) and David Haverty (Lighting) arrived at 8:30 AM, we broke for lunch at 12PM and where finished at 5:30 PM

Diary #8 – The Farm Land (Somis, CA)
02/28/2009, 1:00 PM – (4 Min 48 Sec)

Eighth day of production we are on location at a farm In Somis, CA.

We arrived at around 1:PM and set up the crane for this scene in which David Haverty “Mike Freeman” has to run across the field in a dream sequence.

It took about 30 mins to set everything up and we Filmed as much footage as possible in about 2 hours

Diary #7 – 405 Freeway (Los Angeles, CA)

01/29/2009, 6:50 AM – (4 Min 32 Sec)

Seventh day of production and we are filming on the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles, CA.
The 405 is notorious for being as clogged up as your nose on the flu (Except it’s clogged with traffic) and
we needed to film David Haverty driving on it.

First I was in the passenger seat filming David driving, then I got into a second car driven by Dick Kaneshiro to film David from the outside.

Diary #6 – Farm: Location Scouting (Somis, CA)
01/19/2009, 2:00 PM – (3 Min 53 Sec)

Sixth day of production and I am on a quest to find a farm that we need for one of the upcoming scenes of the movie.

I am in Somis, CA which is heavily populated with farms and I am driving up to the farm offices and asking the owners for permission to film.

We get turned down twice and finally find a farm which will be provided to us by Steve in an upcoming Shoot/Production Diary.

Diary #5 – The Cemetery/Make Up (Los Angeles, CA)
01/18/2009, 3:00 PM – (3 Min 40 Sec)

Fifth day of production we are filming in a cemetery in Los Angeles, CA. then we move on to some
Pick up shots in Van Nuys, CA

We answer a question sent in to us from Jamie in Studio City, CA who asked, “how do we do the
make up in the movie and who is the one doing it”

David does his own make up and he gives a tutorial on how he does it.

Diary #4 – Mike’s House (East Los Angeles, CA)
11/22/2008, 7:00 AM – (8 Min 35 Sec)

Fourth day of production we are filming on location in a vacant house in East Los Angeles, CA.

provided to us by Isabelle Hernandez who was very hospitable to us. The house would act as the character Mike’s house in the movie, we had to shoot everything with David’s long hair first then we cut it off at lunch and continued filming the scenes that take place 2 years later.

The day consisted of David Haverty (Mike Freeman), Hali Bonvenuto (Production Assistant/Behind the scenes Photographer & Videographer) and Megan Powers (Production Assistant/Lighting Technician/Grip)

We arrived on the set at 7 am we broke for lunch at 1 pm and where done at 8pm.

Diary #3 – The Boss’ Office (Simi Valley, CA)
08/08/2008, 5:00 PM – (1 Min 07 Sec)

Third day of production we are filming on location in a house in Simi Valley, CA

This house was perfect for the scene in which Mike Freeman played by David Haverty gets fired from his job by his boss Tom Fernandez played by Jim Garcia, there was a small office that the owner of the house built inside the garage.

It was a tight squeeze and we had little room to work with.  It took an hour to set up another hour to light and in the end we made it work.  This was Kellie Griffin’s last day of shooting.

Diary #2 – The Bus/Wardrobe (Van Nuys, CA)

07/25/2008, 12:00 PM – (2 Min 22 Sec)

Second day of production we are filming on location on the streets of Van Nuys, CA

David and I took the camera and went around Van Nuys, Sherman Way and Panorama City.

We got some shots of David waiting for the bus, riding the bus and some more shots of David walking around town.

In this Production Diary we talk about wardrobe as we prepare for later shooting dates that require David to change clothes up to 15 times a day and I answer a question that was emailed to us.

Diary #1 – The Restaurant (North Hollywood, CA)
07/18/2008, 4:00 PM – (4 Min 19 Sec)

First day of production we are filming on location at Calimex Restaurant in North Hollywood, CA.
It is a very exciting day. David and I arrived first to set everything up at around 2 PM. we had nine extras  filling the seats that day and they arrived at 4 PM. today’s shoot consists of David Haverty who plays “Mike Freeman” the cook and “Molly Fernandez” who is a waitress played by Kellie Griffin.

Special Thanks to Luz Maria Ruiz and Soledad Martinez from Calimex Restaurant for welcoming us, being so generous and giving us total access.

Thank you to all of the extras… Jennifer Curtin, Joey Dukeminier, Jake Garcia, Jayme Garcia, Kelly Mc Caffery, Angela Peel, Emily Talbert & Will Volkmann.