Greetings and Welcome to Venturo Productions


Venturo Productions is a movie & media content production company created by writer, director, producer Jack Venturo.

Jack was born in Lima, Peru. He is a storyteller and has been making movies since he was 16 years old.

He is a multiple award-winning filmmaker who has written, produced and directed 9 films (6 award winners, 4distributed), 2 shows, and 2 documentaries. He has also completed 14 screenplays. (1 optioned, 2 official selections) and one children’s book.

He is also a bilingual, SAG/AFTRA puppeteer & voice over performer. An editor, cosplayer, artist, winemaker and BBQ pitmaster.

He is a husband and father of five daughters. He loves his family, friends, coworkers, puppies and pop culture. He is also pretty good at playing checkers.

Jack is currently working on a full three season, 30 episode TV series he’s looking forward to pitching & producing.  If you are interested in being a part of this new project please email Accounting@VenturoProductions.com

Venturo Productions is a SAG signatory production company. If you are interested in being in one of our projects please email headshot, reel, and links to: Casting@VenturoProductions.com

Venturo Productions latest project is “Coyote Jack’s Smoke Pit”, A YouTube grilling and cooking show that was sponsored by B&B Charcoal & Char-Griller Grills.

Check out The VP Movie Club on Facebook. have some fun discussing, critiquing and discovering new movies with friends.

“The Connectionist” [2020] is currently available on these platforms…






“The Repossession” [2019] is currently available on these platforms…





“The Death of Tempo” [2010] is currently available on these platforms…





“Lost in the Wilderness” [2000] is currently available on this platform…