Greetings and Welcome to Venturo Productions


Venturo Productions is a movie & media content production company created by writer, director, producer Jack Venturo.

Jack was born in Lima, Peru. He is a storyteller and has been making movies since he was 16 years old.

He is a multiple award-winning filmmaker who has written, produced and directed 9 films (6 award winners, 4distributed), 2 shows, and 2 documentaries. He has also completed 14 screenplays. (1 optioned, 2 official selections) and one children’s book.

He is also a bilingual, SAG/AFTRA puppeteer & voice over performer. An editor, cosplayer, artist, winemaker and BBQ pitmaster.

He is a husband and father of five daughters. He loves his family, friends, coworkers, puppies and pop culture. He is also pretty good at playing checkers.

Jack is currently working on a full three season, 30 episode TV series he’s looking forward to pitching & producing.  If you are interested in being a part of this new project please email Accounting@VenturoProductions.com

Venturo Productions is a SAG signatory production company. If you are interested in being in one of our projects please email headshot, reel, and links to: Casting@VenturoProductions.com

Venturo Productions latest project is “Coyote Jack’s Smoke Pit”, A YouTube grilling and cooking show that was sponsored by B&B Charcoal & Char-Griller Grills.

Currently we are in development on a new feature length movie titled “Calamity Caper“.

We have partnered with All Casting to bring casting notices to our fellow creators and performers.

Check out The VP Movie Club on Facebook. have some fun discussing, critiquing and discovering new movies with friends.

“The Connectionist” [2020] is currently available on these platforms…






“The Repossession” [2019] is currently available on these platforms…





“The Death of Tempo” [2010] is currently available on these platforms…





“Lost in the Wilderness” [2000] is currently available on this platform…