The Repossession

Release Date: 10/14/20.
Genre: Drama/Thriller.
TRT: 29 mins.
Suggested Rating: R. (Not Rated)

A lost woman in an abandoned place trying to find her way home.

The Story:
Jack Venturo’s 8th movie.

After “The Death of Tempo” in 2010 Jack stepped away from filmmaking, he wrote, read and studied filmmaking.

In 2016 a new spark was lit by The Jim Henson Company.

When he was training as a puppeteer he made the micro short “The Date” with fellow puppeteers, this revived jack’s sense of fun in filmmaking.

Soon after “The Date” came “Akasta: The Salvation of Thra” it was created as an entry into “The Dark Crystal” Fan Film Competition.

The need to go back to making movies was completely reinstated, he went back to his binder and found the outline for this movie.

In September 2017 he wrote the 10 page screenplay at a cigar lounge in Encino, CA. He decided to do things a bit differently this time around and went full force on learning everything he could on how to run a successful IndieGoGo campaign, he studied for a year while finalizing the screenplay and developing the film, and on March 2019 the crowdfunding campaign for “The Repossession” launched.

The campaign overpassed its goal in less than 30 days. Auditions were held in Burbank and production of “The Repossession” began.

Filming was August 17 & 24, 2019. The movie was completed on October 14, 2019 and began to travel the world being submitted to several film festivals. exactly one year later the multiple award winning movie released to the public.

A behind the scenes documentary is scheduled for 2021 release.


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