Akasta: The Salvation of Thra

Release Date: 05/02/16.
Genre: Fantasy.
TRT: 6 Mins 3 Seconds
Not Rated

Jack Venturo’s 7th Movie.

Immediately following the trial by stone the banished Chamberlain meets Akasta, a creature that directs him toward his next course of action. (This short film acts as a deleted scene to the movie and takes place within “The Dark Crystal” movie)

The Story:
In 2015 The Jim Henson Company created a fan film competition for “The Dark Crystal” I heard about it a bit late and found out I only had one month to do it. I wrote it, built all the puppets, filmed and edited it in three weeks. 29 films were submitted, one grand prize winner was selected, five runner up films, Akasta was selected as the 2nd Runner up winner. The winning filmmakers were invited to The Jim Henson Company and the Creature Shop where they went on a special tour, meet and greet, screened all the films and a Q& A panel. “I love this film! I imagine it being shot out on the empty desert plain and by the stream in a forest glade. Wonderful puppets. The rock and the bark creatures are inventive and well performed. Their integration into the environment is very well done. Nice story with a clever twist at the end.” – Cheryl Henson